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Ozzie the Icon Guy
Following an attack of "Hacker's Syndrome" (seeing a problem so ridiculous the afflicted person just has to try to either fix it, or try to get someone else to fix it), Ozzie just had to do something about the lack of web site icons on his friend's web pages.

Ozzie, The Area Code Guy
Ozzie's oldest continuously in use e-mail address, and his personal Home Page. It all started when he got his very own Area Code...

Ozzie, The Radio Guy

Ozzie's Ham Radio identity. The e-mail address uses his FCC assigned Ham Radio Callsign, and gets routed via the Amateur Radio Satellite Organization. Being licensed by the FCC is how he can get away with calling himself a "Licensed Nerd". He is outranked, however, by a friend of his who is a licensed engineer.

Ozzie the Soccer Guy

When he was stationed in Germany with the US Army, Ozzie attended a soccer match. Let's just say it affected him, to the point that he was a Volunteer at the Fifa World Cup USA 1994™ at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando FL, and volunteered with the Orlando City Soccer Club for the first two years of the club. (no one remembers the Orlando Sundogs)

The club now has three teams, The Lions in MLS (Major League Soccer), It's own "farm club", OCB, in US Soccer's Second Division, the USL (United Soccer League), and a women's team, The Pride, in the NWSL (National Women's Soccer League). Many of the club's players in the First Division teams (Lions and Pride) are on the National Team of their home nation. Ozzie supports soccer as a place where the US joins the world in sharing a passion.

Ozzie the Space Cadet
Ozzie@SpaceLaunchInfo.Com Another case of Hacker's Syndrome. Tourists were showing up at Space View Park in Titusville for Space Shuttle Launches, and I had to publish a newsletter to tell them what was going on, provide radio frequencies, and information on the crew and payloads they were going to see launched. I just had to "share the knowledge". It's one of my weaknesses. Read the last issue (STS-135), but be aware - it's meant to be printed double sided on A4 sized paper.

While Space Shuttles no longer shake the ground, rockets still go up from the Canaveral Spaceport. These days I can usually be found in Space View Park in Titusville on any given Launch Day, providing Launch Audio to those who show up for a rocket launch. I sometimes handout 'Launch Booklets'

Ozzie the SF Reader
Ozzie@SpaceyIdeas.Com I've been reading Science Fiction almost since I started reading. Heinlein, Asimov, Clark, and Niven are high on my list of writers of Engineering Fiction. The stuff with space ships, spacesuits, lunar bases - you know, Hardware SF!

I also like to explain to people that I live near the Canaveral Spaceport waiting for my ride home, considering how I got here. I then like to show them the photo of me exiting Dr Who's TARDIS.

If I answer a question with "Insufficient data for a meaningful answer" (as I sometimes do), then Asimov is the reason why.
The Last Question

The Cheshire Catalyst
Richard Cheshire

Originally my Phone Phreak identity, it morphed into my Hacker Identity, as all phone phreaks "of a certain age" morphed from Phreak to hacker. I use these pseudonyms to publish articles in 2600 Magazine, "The Hackers Quarterly". I lay it all out for folks from the TLAs (Three Letter Agencies), who are usually "Subtlety Impaired".
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