Why you need a FavIcon on your website

Why you need a FavIcon
on your website

Bring up a web page on your favorite Browser, and look above the page. On most modern browsers, you'll find a Tab containing 1) the Title of the web page, and 2) a small image or Icon that represents the website you're viewing. On my web site, my Icon represents an old Palm Treo smartphone. I created the image myself in Microsoft Paint. It's the Icon for my website PHonePHriendly.Com and since smartphones are a major reason to have an Icon for a website (I'll explain more on this later) it seems appropriate to use here.

If your company has a logo Trademark, it seems obvious that it should be used as your company's Icon. If your company's trademark is made up of words in a particular font, perhaps the Initials (in that font), would make a good Icon.

For my own personal webspace, SpaceyIdeas.Com, I hand drew a logo lightbulb, scanned it into the computer, and using Paint, cut out 1/4 of it to use as the Icon. It shows enough of my trademark to recognize it if you've seen it on my page, but the full image does not shrink well enough to be recognized if made the size of an Icon by itself.

So look around, get ideas. follow links to icon sources (there's no disgrace in buying an appropriate icon from a commercial source). I bought the Rocket Ship on IconFinder.Com, for SpaceLaunchInfo.Com and I don't have to contend with the otherwise sticky copyright issues when my icon is considered a 'Work For Hire'. Once I have a FavIcon image, I put the file into the main directory of my website. And there it is! The Secret. The way to put an icon on your site. Simply name an image 'favicon.ico' (it should be a bitmap formatted image) and place it in the directory where your website's index page resides. The web browsers themselves will do the rest. When someone thinks your web page is important enough to put on the Home Screen of their mobile phone, The FavIcon will be the Identifying image of your page on their phone.

And that is a good reason why a FavIcon is so important. There are some other things we'd be happy to discuss about this topic. Just Call us at PHone PHriendly by dialing: 321-Liftoff (321-543-8633)

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